What was promised to us?

This post is a declaration of intentions, NOTHING was promised. We live in a world where we were told entitled to everything. I am talking about the entitlement young population seem to feel to a big house or apartment, great job, high income and status by just doing what they love, told  just do what they like, find that passion, that is the right path…

Study in School, get to college and excel, go to the job market and you will get your nice entry position because you proved your skills before in your bachelor or master. But that is not the case. There was never a contract that said if you study hard and follow you passion you will get what you wanted from the job market. Don’t take me wrong, it will help, but it is just as important as many other skills and techniques you need to cultivate at the same time. Its hasn’t been rightly taught and communicated that if you pursue certain comfort, not only passion is neccesary, also social science, soft skills, specific technical skills and willingness to risk between others… .

An that’s what I come here to talk about. All the soft skills that from a non academical background you will have to acquire to be successful, different situation that you will learn how to handle, different steps or paths that you will propose to yourself to boost your progression. I have been there, I just did it before you, and that learning they gave us is just not enough and there are tons of gaps. We will fill as many as is worth to do.


Article main points or sentence:

  • Key to achieve what our education promised us is to cultivate certain skills, minset and routines that weren’t told in our academic education.

“Cold calling is about developing social skills and getting used to rejection. We are constantly selling something to somebody”
-Shahid Khan-

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